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Fine Tuning
Pitch Raise

(up to 2 additional passes)

1.5 - 2.5 hrs
When we meet I may suggest additional services you might like to consider that would benefit your piano.

These might include a Pitch Raise, minor Repairs, Regulating, Voicing and Cleaning...
10 - 20+ hrs
$500.00 ~ $850.00 Complete regulation of the piano.  Regulating the action to make everything  work properly (all 3,000+ adjustments).
2 - 4 hrs
$125.00 ~ $300.00
Adjusting the tone quality, dynamic range, sustain, evenness from note to note, and balance from section to section.
Major Repairs: Free quote Including key repair, broken hammers, strings, pedals or action parts.

$45.00 If service is performed at the time of visit, the evaluation is free.
Appraisals$145.00Full written appraisal, with detailed support documentation
(Insurance, Estate Sales, Etc.)
Specialty Service:
$45 ~ $125
Free quote
Deep Cleaning (1 - 2+ hrs)
Square Grands
Piano Life Saver (Humidity)
TouchRail (Lighter Touch)
Honky-Tonk Strip
Practice Mute
Hydraulic Key Lid
Moog Midi Adapter




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