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Your piano will be skillfully and beautifully tuned, with natural rising beat rates, and a brilliance and clarity throughout each octave.  Each strings partials are measured and calculated with unsurpassed accuracy.  Targets are custom fit for each piano, continually checking for balance, stability, interval smoothness, stretch, and style.


Regulating can make a significant difference in tone, and touch.  Your ability to play delicately, and with speed is directly related to how well your piano is regulated.  There are over 3,000 adjustments that can be made to bring your piano up to its full potential.


With over 10,000 parts, most made from wood, felt and leather, can deteriorate over time.  Our climate changes cause parts to expand and contract.  I can usually repair most parts, however, if there is extensive wear we can consider replacing what is needed.

Before any work is done, I will carefully explain every aspect of what might be needed.  Often there are many alternatives that can be considered.

The choice is always yours.


Your piano is an investment in your future.  It can bring you and your family a lifetime of music, adding immeasurable joy and beauty to your home.

Because it also is such a large investment, it should be maintained with the utmost care.  Most manufacturers recommend servicing at least two to four times a year to keep the piano sounding good and working properly each time you sit down to play.  This is especially important the first year of your piano's life.  A piano which has gone a long time without tuning may require extra work in pitch raising.




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